Supporting Our Communities

Home Credit is a socially responsible group with a keen regard for the welfare of its communities. Since the beginning of 2016 we have run 60 separate CSR projects which have together reached nearly 1.9 million people across our markets, and we have donated over €2 million, prioritizing the markets where we can maximize our impact.

Our Major Charitable Causes And Donations



“Blue Bird” Project - scholarships for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter top universities

Support for local orphanages

Kids & Money - a community of parents organized around a Home Credit web-based environment to help spread financial literacy

Czech Republic and Slovakia

Sponsoring the “Summer Shakespeare Festival”, a top annual theatre festival

Supporting giving activities run by employees

Providing children’s departments in hospitals with high-tech medical equipment

Partnering with the Czech National Basketball Federation and National Teams to motivate the younger generation to take up sports


“Smart Start” Project - training and work opportunities for graduates


Building the Air Lifeline - a project which introduces a Flying Emergency Ambulance to Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai

Public First Aid Consciences Project - a project which promotes first aid tools and techniques to deal with injuries

Donation of an Emergency Ambulance Car for Tianjin, our home city in China

Poverty Relief - Anti-infection training and the provision of medical supplies for surgeries in Guizhou and other villages in Yunnan Province


Scholarships for students from disadvantaged backgrounds;

Support for kindergartens to protect small children from potential abuse by private babysitters;

Free vaccinations and health checks programmes for people who work in “fish markets”

The Philippines

Juan, Two, Three - a series of community classes to spread financial literacy across communities in an entertaining format; this series has won the International Stevie Award


Disaster relief contributions and loan forgiveness for affected customers following floods and/or earthquakes

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