Responsible Lending

Being a responsible lender is a cornerstone of our business. The World Bank and the G20 leaders (among others) focus on the importance of financial inclusion, consumer protection and financial education as essential to further developing the global financial system and enhancing the financial well-being of individuals.

Financial literacy education is a key component. We promote an understanding of finance in the countries where we operate through roadshows, workshops, in-branch open days, in-store events, brochures, publications, competitions, media campaigns, mobile games as well as public teach-ins in supermarkets, shopping malls and communities. The primary focus is to educate people about credit and promoting responsible borrowing practices, teach communities the principles of money management and household budgeting and focus on children and students in order to help them become more responsible adults.

As a responsible lender, we assess the suitability and affordability of consumer credit for our customers. Our assessment includes multiple factors such as the risk profile of the individual customer, the type of product being purchased and characteristics of the loan (such as size, maturity and other factors), all of which are critical, especially in countries with under-developed credit registries. At Home Credit we believe in open communication with current and potential customers. Our websites are an integral part of this relationship. We try to set standards for the industry by providing a fully transparent package for our consumer finance product customers, including:

  • A Customer Charter which defines the relationship between Home Credit and the customer, outlining our promises and responsibilities to each other;
  • Pre-contractual information, often called a borrower’s acknowledgement letter, explaining every aspect of the specific loan including dates, amounts and any fees;
  • A cooling-off period (of between two weeks to a month) during which customers can withdraw from the agreement with us without penalty
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