Our Responsibility

At Home Credit, we understand that our place in the financial industry gives us an important role in enhancing financial inclusion as we can often be the first touchpoint for people encountering the regulated financial system. Their experience with us has the power to shape their attitudes and future involvement with the regulated finance system and help them establish a credit score and access to additional opportunities, goods and services.

Our guiding principles

  • Aim to set the standards for transparency, fairness and customer care in our markets
  • Respect local cultures and traditions
  • Pursue a long-term vision for sustainable, win-win relationships with customers and partners

For us, operating sustainably means making an enduring contribution to the development of the markets we operate in which includes:

  • Helping to improve our customers’ living standards, reducing poverty, caring for the welfare of local communities and promoting respect for key economic rights;
  • Assisting our customers to realize their dreams in a financially secure way. This is why we offer them only products they want and can afford;
  • Paying fair salaries to our employees based on the ‘reward-for-performance’ principle with pay equality between genders, ethnicities, and social groups;
  • Supporting an increase in household consumption thereby stimulating overall economic growth;
  • Further contributing to economic development in the regions in which we operate through corporate taxes as well as augmenting sales for our commercial partners

We pride ourselves on helping our customers learn how to manage their finances through a range of financial literacy programmes. We believe that promoting financial literacy is an integral part of being a responsible lender and we have seen first-hand the potential a loan can have on the lives of our customers.

The nature of our business positions us to help our customers improve their lives and invest in their future, which in turn contributes to the sustainable development of local markets and national economies. The success of our stakeholders drives future business, which underpins our sustainability.

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