Our Mission

At Home Credit, we understand that we need to be the change we want to see in the world. As a company, we will only succeed in bringing fairness, sustainability and inclusivity to our markets and our customers if we live by these values ourselves.

This is why we are committed to what we call our Four Core Values. Our Values guide the behaviour and actions of our employees in pursuit of our strategy in different markets. They ensure that we adhere to the highest standards of responsible business practice in our interactions with all our stakeholders. And they are not merely aspirational; they are the pillars on which our entire corporate culture is built.

The Four Values

  • Be entrepreneurial
  • Be focused on results
  • Be innovative
  • Be fair

Our values are embedded into the everyday working lives of our teams. They are part of our performance and management appraisals. Through discussions and agreement on values-based behaviour, team members hold themselves and each other accountable for modelling these values.

To give just a few examples of what building a values-based culture means in practice, our staff are taught to:

  • Determine customer needs in a responsible way and serve them fairly
  • Provide employees with opportunities for professional development and advancement, while giving fair and constructive evaluations and advice along the way
  • Anticipate change and reward quality and innovation, regardless of how big or small the task
  • Use the company’s assets and time efficiently, and respect the work and time of others
  • Respect and promote diversity and provide a work environment free of harassment and intimidation
  • Proactively look for new ways to solve problems and make our business more successful

Our Four Values are universal and are present wherever we are across the globe. They work in support of the relevant regulations and laws, and they are aligned with our group policies and processes.

Taken together, we believe they represent what is best in Home Credit.

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