A key pillar of our sustainability strategy is raising financial literacy standards in our communities through interactive seminars and workshops. We know they bring results and help educate people effectively: this is what participants have said about them.


“To be honest, I was never partial to any credit products before, and didn’t know much about them. The Financial Literacy seminar by Home Credit allowed me to learn what the service was all about. I realised that if you approach the matter logically and carefully, you can use the products well and really benefit from them. Now I understand a whole range of offers and can choose the best product which brings me the greatest advantages.”

Elena, 26, Novosibirsk

Household budget workshops

“I not only received advice on expense management from a financial expert, but also got to share experiences with others in this seminar. Now I know how to manage household expenses effectively.”

Mrs. Huong, Nha Be province, Vietnam


An educational book published by Home Credit Group

Lending to previously underserved groups

We want to become the lender of choice for previously underserved groups of the population.

Blue Bird university scholarships programme

Blue Bird programme – university scholarships for talented children from disadvantaged families