Our Values

At Home Credit our people are our most valuable asset – and a strong competitive advantage. Our vision is to make financial services easy, simple and fast and in order to achieve this, our people work according to four core values. What is the thinking behind these core values? How do we expect the people at Home Credit to behave?

Be entrepreneurial

  • I share responsibility for Home Credit’s results.
  • When I am empowered to make decisions, I take action with confidence – or I speak up boldly.
  • I have a clear idea about the results I want to achieve.
  • I enjoy what I do, I bring passion to my work and I share my enthusiasm with others.

Be focused on results

  • I always use my time efficiently and respect the time constraints of others.
  • I strive for quality in everything I do – whether big or small.
  • Whatever the risk, I make sure I know how it contributes to the outcome we are seeking to achieve, then I start working on it.
  • I am willing to adjust my personal priorities at work for the good of the business overall.

Be innovative

  • I proactively look for new ways to solve problems and make our business more successful.
  • I am not afraid to try something new. Even if it doesn’t succeed, there are always lessons to be learnt.
  • I take on new challenges enthusiastically.
  • I speak up when I have an idea – because a good idea can come from anywhere.

Be fair

  • I never take advantage of other people’s mistakes or lack of knowledge.
  • I always set clear expectations and work hard to deliver what I promise.
  • I always treat others fairly, honestly and straightforwardly and I don’t play office politics.
  • I take full accountability for what I do and I don’t leave it to others to complete my tasks or correct my mistakes.

At Home Credit, we recognise and reward good work and offer a variety of training programmes to help you develop your career. To take a step further, consider an opportunity with us!

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