Our People

Sandugash Koshkymbayeva

Cost Control Team Leader

I have worked at Home Credit for more than six years. I came to the company right after graduating from college, starting as an intern in the accounting team. Now I’m the leader of the cost control team. As the company grew, I grew with them and improved my skills while acquiring new ones along the way. Home Credit’s dynamic development, excellent management and always-present opportunities for personal and professional growth prove to me that I made the right choice six years ago.

Petr Ko?ínek

Head of Key Accounts

My history at Home Credit has been a challenging and exciting one since I first arrived almost eight years ago to help to build the consumer finance company in Vietnam.

Once I had helped introduce consumer finance to Vietnam and ensured we had a sustainable and scalable business base, after weathering turbulent moments, facing competition from new market entrants, and increasing the number of our employees from the first 20 pioneers to more than 2,000, it was time to continue my journey to the much bigger market in China. Here, I learned that it’s also a challenge to run a large business with the day to day responsibilities and yet continue to innovate to remain among the best.

Throughout my time at Home Credit I’ve had the chance to travel, I have formed lasting friendships, I have experienced different cultures from across Asia and through it all I have enjoyed the support and guidance of my supervisors. Home Credit in China is without doubt another great story in this huge and extremely competitive market. And the work remains pretty challenging every day – which is exactly what I like about working for Home Credit.

Andrey Ligay

POS Unit Manager

My team’s achievements were made possible by the way our company gives people the chance to fulfill their ambitions and apply their own ideas to the job. At the beginning of my career with Home Credit I hired as an area manager in the Karaganda region. I was successful in my work and was soon promoted to regional director. Our team led the way and met and exceeded some of our key performance indicators, so I was offered the position of unit manager at the company’s headquarters. I learned that to achieve this success three things were important: our team, individual professional growth and the company’s continued evolution.

Katarina Behulova

Operations Manager

My Home Credit story started at the beginning of 2000 when I decided to change the kind of company I worked for – I was certain I wanted to work in a financial institution. After attending several job interviews I decided to accept the offer from an unknown new company from the Czech Republic, which had launched in Slovakia only recently. This was the beginning of my 13-year journey. Right from the start I was given tremendous development opportunities in a great team of not only skilled but also passionate people who loved their jobs. Since Home Credit is constantly evolving and expanding, I have access to unique opportunities for new encounters, where I can enrich my expertise by working and collaborating with others.

Vera Khan

Unit Manager, Network Development Project

Home Credit has always encouraged my appetite to learn and apply my professional and personal skills to all aspects of my job. I started with the company as an analyst in the sales department and during my three years there I found challenging projects which enabled my professional development. Now I am working as a network development project unit manager in the sales department, and my career is still evolving and growing. Home Credit’s strength lies in finding and retaining extraordinarily talented people. For me, this is one of the main reasons I enjoy working here - it’s a truly professional and international team.

Yuliya Lebedinska-Litvinova

Director of Risk Management

I joined the Home Credit family in the fall of 2011 as a chief risk officer in the Belorussian business. At that moment everything was a challenge to me: the macroeconomic environment, my promotion and the company’s new culture. But I believe that by accepting challenges we develop faster, so I did my best and had a wonderful time both on the professional and personal side during my stay in Minsk. I am currently part of the Russian risk team; a huge new responsibility, and the learning curve is steep, but I wholeheartedly accept this challenge! I think the attitude of accepting challenges is an integral part of Home Credit’s success. You commit to the job and deliver, and then reap the rewards.

Yevgeniya Kazak

Head of Branch Network Unit

I joined Home Credit in 2008 as chief currency control specialist in the banking operations department’s currency operations unit. Since then, my story is one of many successes and happy moments. A year after joining, I became a unit manager and then in 2011 I was promoted to project manager and put in charge of opening a network of branches throughout Kazakhstan. In 2012 I was again promoted to the position of unit manager, this time of the branch network. In this job, I am responsible for supervising and monitoring the work of branches for accuracy and compliance with the bank’s accounting policies. Having had so many interesting jobs in this company, all I can say is that I look forward to continuing with them in the future!

Nguyen Dang Cat Dung

Operations Manager

I joined Home Credit Vietnam nearly three years ago. In the time I have worked here, the company has continually improved and truly demonstrates best practice. Policies and procedures are clear, compliance with internal and external regulations are taken into account seriously from top management down. This creates a safe and positive working environment for employees. Within the company, staff have lots of opportunities for creativity and implementing quick-win solutions. Our staff, especially the management, are always ready to consider alternatives and find solutions to any issues; people share knowledge and experience, and everyone has the opportunity to participate in the department’s development. This is why we all believe that Home Credit Vietnam is on the right path to a bright future.

Joko Waluyo

Junior DSM (District Sales Manager)

I started my career in Home Credit Indonesia as a sales agent in January 2013. I chose Home Credit because I heard that it was a new company with a good future ahead where I could achieve my personal goals. And after six months of service, my choice was amply rewarded: I was promoted to junior District Sales Manager at the start of August. I love my job because as a sales person, I get to meet lots of people, widen my network and make lots of new friends.

Vu Thuc Quyen

Chief Accountant

I have only been working at Home Credit Vietnam for a short time but the experience has really changed my outlook and broadened my horizons. Right from the beginning, I’ve met with challenges and solved many internal and external business problems. Now my team and I have enjoyed a number of successes and, thanks to the huge amount of professional support from our supervisors, colleagues and subordinates, I am sure that we will continue to perform well in the future. My experience at Home Credit has confirmed a truth that I hold to be universal: it’s always right to be fair to everyone you meet, and you can be entrepreneurial at the same time – in fact, combining the two will make you that much better and happier with your job.

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