Our Products

Core Consumer Finance Products

Our aim is to provide consumer finance products that are easily accessible, affordable and manageable for our customers. We focus on providing financial products to underserved borrowers - for many of our customers we are the first regulated institution to extend credit to them, and we pride ourselves on providing a positive borrowing experience.

Our consumer finance products primarily comprise POS loans, cash loans and revolving loans:

  • POS loans are offered to our customers for their purchases of goods and services at the point of sale (physical and online) and at the time of purchase.
  • Cash loans are typically offered to our customers for consumer goods or services without a point of sale connection and, subject to local regulatory requirements, without specifying the goods or services to be purchased.
  • Revolving loans, including credit cards, are typically offered to our existing customers for their purchases of goods or services up to individual credit limits on a revolving basis.

We cross-sell cash loans to our existing customers who are assessed to be creditworthy as determined by a number of factors, including their credit record with us. We also provide cash loans to new customers, provided that these customers satisfy our underwriting criteria. The direct acquisition of new cash loan customers is primarily through online sales channels. The reason we focus on cross-selling cash loans to our existing customers and offering them selectively to new customers, is mainly because cash loans generally have larger ticket sizes, longer tenor and higher profitability than POS loans.

Revolving loans are typically offered to existing customers who have built a relationship and have a credit record with us through POS loans and/or cash loans. Revolving loans help us build long-term engagement with our customers through supporting their day-to-day spending.

Point of Sale (POS) loans

POS loans are our predominant entry product to customers and the primary method by which we acquire new customers. As part of this we seek to make the whole application process as easy and as quick as possible.

POS loans are offered to finance purchases of consumer goods (such as mobile phones, home appliances and personal computers) by individuals at the physical “point of sale” either in the retailer’s store at the time of purchase, or online at the time of purchase, typically in conjunction with a retailer’s online store or platform. In addition to physical points of sale, we offer POS loans through our retail partners’ online stores and Home Credit Market Place.

The credit decision for each customer is determined by reference to a number of factors that include the credit record (if any) of the loan applicant, the product being purchased, the sales history of loans originated from the relevant point of sale, the behavioural pattern of the loan applicant at the application stage and the amount of down payment, as well as data acquired from third parties about the customer. Depending on the credit analysis, we might accept a loan, reject a loan or make the customer a counter-offer as to down payment and/or term which better fits our assessment of the customer’s risk profile and ability to repay.

For most of our customers, POS loans may be their first consumer finance product and as such we ensure that our POS loans are easily accessible, affordable and manageable for our customers. We aim to provide a good customer experience based on an easy, simple application process and a very fast response time – on a median basis our time-to-decision was under 30 seconds in the three months ended 31 March 2019. Once we have acquired a customer, we can then offer additional consumer finance products, such as cash loans and revolving loans, which allows us to maintain an ongoing relationship with them and maximise the customer lifetime value for Home Credit.

Cash loans

Cash loans, which include multi-purpose financing, are typically not conditional on the purchase of specific goods or services from a specific retailer. They can ordinarily be used for any purpose (subject to local regulatory requirements) including, among other things, the purchase of home appliances, travel, home renovation, education, wedding expenses and medical expenses. We provide cash loans to our customers primarily through our mobile app and telemarketing capabilities. We also provide cash loans to our customers through physical sales channels where we have bank branches. Cash loans are primarily offered to our existing customers through cross-selling, but we also offer cash loans to new customers who satisfy our creditworthiness criteria.

Revolving loans

Our revolving loans, which include credit cards, help our customers shop with ease and flexibility and can be used for purchases of goods and services and for cash We seek to provide a range of additional benefits including discounts and cash back from our retail partners, loyalty points with various retailers and a personal credit reminder service. Revolving loans are pre-approved for selected customers, allowing them to borrow whenever they want, up to an individual credit limit. These loans allow us to engage more frequently with our customers. Currently, we offer revolving loan products in China, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Vietnam, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Other products

In addition to POS, cash and revolving loans, other products we offer are:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Revolving loans
  • Cash loans for walk-ins
  • Car loans
  • Deposits
  • Current accounts
  • Insurance*

*Provided by one of our insurance companies or by our partner

Our specific offers will differ from one market to another. We also offer other financial and banking products in certain countries.

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